Interpreters need feedback if we are to improve our skill. Feedback is meant to be healthy and not hurtful and given in a positive manner. Terp Time service is developed to benefit “church interpreters” that don’t have the opportunity to have a mentor or much Terp Time. The workshop lessons on this site is provided for specific educational goals.  The ASL techniques we look for during feedback are:

Role Shifting Affect Expansion
Couching Faceting Say Than Do
Compare and Contrast Topic/Comment Structure Yes/No Questions
Wh-Question Rhetorical Questions Directionality
Use of Space Negation Classifiers
Conditionals Time Sequenced Ordering Conceptual Accuracy

To receive your CEU’s or Certificate of Completion – you will be given feedback by a Terp Time mentor. The feedback service is $5.50 per 30 minutes. This is accomplished by a couple of options:

LIVE: Face Time Share via email
Skype Logotipo espiar
LIVE: Skype Share via email

Pay for your 30 min personal feedback session by clicking the PayPal button – A Terp Time mentor will be assigned to follow up with you. Communicate your desired method for the feedback session in the “special instructions to seller” box in the PayPal payment or you can send an email to: