CEU’s / Certificates

The communication process in which information and ideas flow is complicated by the fact that the words or signs we use to communicate our ideas are never an exact representation of the mental concept itself. Furthermore, many of the nonverbal aspects of a message – facial expressions, gestures, body posture, and vocal tones – are communicated unconsciously. It is these nonverbal elements that carry the bulk of the meaning of a message. In English, only 6% of the meaning is found in the words, 39% of the meaning is in the vocal intonation, and 55% of the message is conveyed in the accompanying gestures, body language and facial expressions used.

Because ASL is a visual language one has to be “in view” to be understood. For this reason CEU’s / Certificates can only be issued provided that you go through the Feedback portion of our service. Without the Feedback we have no idea if you have successfully achieved the skills the lessons are designed to accomplish.

CEU’s / Certificates of Completion will be issued to you by email after the evaluation has taken place via Zoom / iPhone or video recordings. We are here to give you support and help you improve your ASL interpreting skills.

All 14 workshops are approve for GS CEUs; however if a person is requesting RID CEUs they will need to fill out the PINRA Form The PINRA form is located on each of the Workshop webpages. It needs to be emailed to me before you begin the class. I will email the evaluations once the course has been completed and then I will email you a certificate of completion and the CEU’s will be upload to the RID website.


Workshop: Certificate
Sherry’s Sign Sessions YES YES
Deaf Ministry In YOUR Church YES YES
From Mime 2 Sign YES YES
ASL Hand Shapes YES YES
Highly Classified YES YES
Show Me The Affect YES YES
Conceptual Signs YES YES
Ethical Minefields YES YES
Idioms A Closer Look YES YES
ASL Grammatical Aspects YES YES
Interpreters Discourse YES YES
Non Manuel Signals YES YES
Metaphors In Music YES YES
The ASL Phrase Workshop YES YES