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Sherry’s Sign Sessions Workshop is for beginners. It is designed to guide learners in a accelerated way to learn basic sign language. When the learner has completed the 10 lessons they will be able to converse with the Deaf and have an introduction to the language that can be built upon. Personally I have developed many church interpreters with these lessons and many more who can communicate with the Deaf. Signing is one thing, but “interpreting” requires mental processing skill sets that need to be developed over time. The 10 lessons covers a lot of material quickly. Lessons 1-6 develop the learners signs and lessons 7-10 starts developing “interpreters.”

This workshop is CEU’s and RID approved:

RID participants need to fill out and email us this PINRA Form for Sherry’s Sign Sessions prior to starting this workshop.

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SSS Workshop
10 Lessons