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Students will learn that Classifiers are signs that use handshapes that are associated with specific categories (classes) of size, shape, or usage.
Over time certain handshapes have been used so often to show certain types of things, shapes, amounts, or sizes, that when you hold up or use one of those handshapes people (who know the language) automatically think of a particular category (or class) of:Things (objects, people, animals, vehicles, etc.) Shapes (including outlines, perimeters, surfaces, configurations, gradients, etc.) Sizes (amount, largeness, smallness, relative size, volume, etc.) Usage (movement paths, speed, interactions, etc.) The commonly recognized handshapes that are typically used to show different classes of things, shapes, and sizes are called “classifiers.”

This workshop is CEU’s and RID approved:

RID participants need to fill out and email us this PINRA Form for ASL Handshapes prior to starting this workshop.

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Highly Classified Workshop
3 Lessons