9 Idioms A Closer Look

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Level of Participant’s Prior Knowledge of Topic:
Level of Knowledge - Some Exstinsive

This workshop will assist students with translating, without losing the true meaning of the expression. In this workshop students will see the sign models (embedded video clips) using 1. facial expressions 2. body movements 3. ASL structure order. Students will learn 400 idioms including 13 distinctive handshapes which use 8 idioms each.
Students study 400 idioms so in any setting whether in Family, Professional, Educational or Social, conversations they will be able to recognize idioms when the appear. It is a fact that idioms in ASL is not a new idea, Deaf people have used idioms all along, but there has been no significant recognition of this feature. ASL and English have their own language and culture idioms. This workshop looks at both.

This workshop is CEU’s and RID approved:

RID participants need to fill out and email us this PINRA Form for Idioms A Closer Look prior to starting this workshop.

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Idioms Workshop
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