7 Conceptual Signs

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Level of Participant’s Prior Knowledge of Topic:
Level of Knowledge - Some Exstinsive
Conceptual Sings is geared toward developing conceptual singing skills in ASL vocabulary. In this workshop you will study 240 conceptual signs. For example: What is the concept for the word: clothes?
Try this on…. attire, clothing, dress, garb, garment, gown, suit, and wear. It is also the verb sing for “to dress”. Interpreters need to think fast to sign or voice concepts! This workshop not only teaches vocabulary but also teaches the receptive skills for the use of the concept words with 240 video clips that models ASL.

This workshop is CEU’s and RID approved:

RID participants need to fill out and email us this PINRA Form for Conceptual Signs prior to starting this workshop.

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Conceptual Signs Workshop
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